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To spark your business with digital business cards – WeCards is the most appropriate way. WeCards is an electronic business card app that allows you to share, receive, create and at the same moment store cards digitally. The stacks of cards that take space in your pocket can be easily replaced by this app. The best part of using WeCards is that you need not to be present physically to receive cards from someone or share them; all you need to do is share your code or scan the QR Code. Another ravishing feature of this virtual business card app is that you can even create easy events and can invite others for the same.

Why go for old ways when the new ones are so cool? Well, this e-concept is incredibly beautiful and useful.

WeCards has the list of amazing features

•    Eco-friendly

•    Convenient

•    Easy to use

•    Great user interface

•    contains all essential features

•    can even create customized business cards

•    Money saving idea

•    Safe and secure

•    Allow easy links of your social media accounts

With this handful of features, WeCards is now categorized as the best business card app for the users. Breakthrough from the conventional ways of networking, this new trendy app is ready to channelize your business in a completely new way. The sole motto of this app is to let you connect with your customers and the business partners anytime and anywhere in the world.

This visiting card app – WeCards is available for both the IOS and Android users. It can be downloaded easily via play store in android phones and apple app store in case of IOS users. This app gets connected with your contact information and even allows you to send a message and call the numbers saved in your phone directly from this app. You can also link your social media account with your cards.  Some other features like navigation of an address, browsing sites, designing cards, organizing events and sending invites are also included in it. Stay ahead in your business with WeCards – a brand new way of going digital. Stay Connected for life.

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WeCards is a digital business card app for android & iPhone. You can create virtual business cards for you and your organization for free with WeCards app.