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Whether it’s from way back in grade school or from the old neighborhood, old friends are an important part of who we are and the memories that bring us joy. Adventures and mishaps, achievements and events, and even sad moments have become more meaningful because they were shared experiences with friends. Challenges were more bearable, and victories were better celebrated in the company of family and close friends. This is why it’s important that we stay connected.

In this day and age, technology has provided the common man with multiple means by and with which we can keep in touch with each other. Just having a computer, a smartphone, and access to internet opens up countless possibilities with which, at the literal click or tap of a button, you can say hi to someone across miles of ocean – crossing boundaries such as time zones. Your good morning could be a friend’s good afternoon – but the point is that the connection has been made.

Through the use of a wide variety of available tools, you can let friends know how your vacation in Mexico has been going by posting pictures or videos. You can also post photos of your latest 5K fun run or scuba certification dive. You can send money, gifts, gadgets, data credits, and the like, easily and conveniently.

However, availability of technology and a fast-paced lifestyle don’t necessarily make us stay connected. In fact, generations who grow up with technology have shown a tendency to take these tools for granted hence don’t quite keep in touch as often nor as expected.

While it is nice to move forward progressively in life, keeping in touch with old friends is what keeps us grounded. Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends from way back are among those who are our foundations. Your 7th  grade BFF may have transferred to a different city, or your prom date no longer lives in that blue house down the road. It’s easy to lose touch with them.

However, these could very well be the people who find delight in hearing from us. Often, we need to connect with people who knew the older version of ourselves – from a time we weren’t so composed – because these were the people who were part of our formative development. These are loved ones who they themselves would like to stay connected with you. Yet, catching up isn’t always easy with those we haven’t been in touch with for so long.

Digital business cards
Digital cards

This is where knowing where to get in touch with them comes in. That mobile phone number or email you’ve had written in a notebook somewhere, or that barely readable calling card you’ve kept in your bottom drawer – are you sure those are still their numbers? Wouldn’t it be great to know that even if you’ve been out of touch for so long, the numbers and emails you have are up-to-date? Whether it’s decades, years, or even just weeks since anybody last changed numbers or email addresses or other information, knowing in confidence that you’ll always know how to tell them you’ve been promoted or invite them to a birthday party you have coming up, or even that you’re just thinking of them would be a big thing for that relationship.

Who hasn’t experienced sending a message or email and not getting a reply in return. At this point you’re wondering if they just couldn’t reply, didn’t want to, or if you even have the old number you never bothered updating. It would be wonderful knowing you’ll never be asking: “What’s John’s new number? – Did he change it? – Who would know?”. This gets worse when there’s some kind of emergency. You need to get in touch with your old friend because there’s a reunion coming up and your group was assigned to handle it. What now?

Importance of Digital card

Now, there is such a thing as a digital business card. WeCards is an digital business card app, You can create as many different cards as you want for yourself, share it with as many people as you want, and the information stored updates itself perpetually. That’s right. No need to keep asking friends, and no need to keep telling friends you’ve changed your number. As soon as you or your friend changes any information, all the other copies that have been shared change accordingly in the blink of an eye. You’ll never have that dreaded thought if you have his newest number ever again. It will essentially allow you and your network to stay connected.

WeCards is available on both android and iOS platform.

Isn’t technology grand?

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