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What is WeCards? What do i do here?

WeCards is the Convenient, Efficient and Innovative way to create your business or personal card. It’s developed with your needs in mind. With WeCards you never run out of cards when needed, No need for physical cards, cost saving and privacy and sharing options.

Who is WeCards for?

WeCards is for everyone who wants business or personal cards. Business users and small companies need this for their organization.

What is business features?

With enabling business feature you will need to enter the business code, by entering business code you can create your own business card.

How to get business code?

You need to create you own organization from (Settings - Create Organization), You need to submit required documents. Once your organization approved you will have business code. You can design card for your business.

What is permission setting in create card?

There are 3 types of permission setting like private, sharable, public. Private means card can be shared by owner only. By sharable card can be share by friends (who have access to card) and Public card can be share by members of public.

What do the black color in corner of card mean?

Black color in corner of card mean that card is private card and only shared by one of the card.

How can i share my own card?

Click on the card which you wants to share, at bottom there is Share button you can generate the code to share the card and adjust the time limit. You can also share card via QR code at top right. Just open the QR code and let your friends scan this QR code to receive

How can i receive card?

You can swipe down on Receive card button in landing screen, It will ask you to enter key to receive card or Scan QR code to receive card.

What is permission settings in event?

There are 2 types of permission settings like public and private. The private setting will allows you to control who can view event key to join event.

How to join an event?

There is event key display in public event card with that key you need to enter to join event. After joining event it will generate entry pass for that event.

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WeCards is a digital business card app for android & iPhone. You can create virtual business cards for you and your organization for free with WeCards app.