Importance of digital card to Keep In Touch With old Friends

Whether it’s from way back in grade school or from the old neighborhood, old friends are an important part of who we are and the memories that bring us joy. Adventures and mishaps, achievements and events, and even sad moments have become more meaningful because they were shared experiences with friends. Challenges were more bearable, and victories were better celebrated in the company of family and close friends. This is why it’s important that we stay connected.

In this day and age, technology has provided the common man with multiple means by and with which we can keep in touch with each other. Just having a computer, a smartphone, and access to internet opens up countless possibilities with which, at the literal click or tap of a button, you can say hi to someone across miles of ocean – crossing boundaries such as time zones. Your good morning could be a friend’s good afternoon – but the point is that the connection has been made.

Through the use of a wide variety of available tools, you can let friends know how your vacation in Mexico has been going by posting pictures or videos. You can also post photos of your latest 5K fun run or scuba certification dive. You can send money, gifts, gadgets, data credits, and the like, easily and conveniently.

However, availability of technology and a fast-paced lifestyle don’t necessarily make us stay connected. In fact, generations who grow up with technology have shown a tendency to take these tools for granted hence don’t quite keep in touch as often nor as expected.

While it is nice to move forward progressively in life, keeping in touch with old friends is what keeps us grounded. Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends from way back are among those who are our foundations. Your 7th  grade BFF may have transferred to a different city, or your prom date no longer lives in that blue house down the road. It’s easy to lose touch with them.

However, these could very well be the people who find delight in hearing from us. Often, we need to connect with people who knew the older version of ourselves – from a time we weren’t so composed – because these were the people who were part of our formative development. These are loved ones who they themselves would like to stay connected with you. Yet, catching up isn’t always easy with those we haven’t been in touch with for so long.

Digital business cards
Digital cards

This is where knowing where to get in touch with them comes in. That mobile phone number or email you’ve had written in a notebook somewhere, or that barely readable calling card you’ve kept in your bottom drawer – are you sure those are still their numbers? Wouldn’t it be great to know that even if you’ve been out of touch for so long, the numbers and emails you have are up-to-date? Whether it’s decades, years, or even just weeks since anybody last changed numbers or email addresses or other information, knowing in confidence that you’ll always know how to tell them you’ve been promoted or invite them to a birthday party you have coming up, or even that you’re just thinking of them would be a big thing for that relationship.

Who hasn’t experienced sending a message or email and not getting a reply in return. At this point you’re wondering if they just couldn’t reply, didn’t want to, or if you even have the old number you never bothered updating. It would be wonderful knowing you’ll never be asking: “What’s John’s new number? – Did he change it? – Who would know?”. This gets worse when there’s some kind of emergency. You need to get in touch with your old friend because there’s a reunion coming up and your group was assigned to handle it. What now?

Importance of Digital card

Now, there is such a thing as a digital business card. WeCards is an digital business card app, You can create as many different cards as you want for yourself, share it with as many people as you want, and the information stored updates itself perpetually. That’s right. No need to keep asking friends, and no need to keep telling friends you’ve changed your number. As soon as you or your friend changes any information, all the other copies that have been shared change accordingly in the blink of an eye. You’ll never have that dreaded thought if you have his newest number ever again. It will essentially allow you and your network to stay connected.

WeCards is available on both android and iOS platform.

Isn’t technology grand?

Does The Printed Business Card Still Make Sense?

Before the internet and smartphones, business cards were the only – and one true way of exchanging information at business meetings and events. There simply were no acceptable alternatives. Aside from relaying information, it served as part of one’s first impression through the design, and possibly the quality of the board or paper stock.

These days, printed business cards may still do these, more and more evidence show that digital may be the way to go. Digital alternatives that do the original functions and so much more. The question has come up, therefore, if the printed business card is going the way of the dinosaur – to become extinct in a green, paperless society?

This gives rise to some points to be made regarding printed business cards and their digital counterparts.

First point to be made is that exchanging information can now be done through one’s phone. Often just asking for a mobile phone number, the proper spelling of the other person’s name, and it’s done. Everything else can come later – if needed. For every hundred people in the street, how many have handed out printed business cards? Compare that to the number of people who have a phone in the bag or pocket. Suddenly it becomes obvious that people won’t – can’t- be away from their smartphones. This strongly reinforces the idea that whatever is on one’s phone is what’s always on-hand to access. On the other hand, printed business cards can be tossed at a later, more courteous, time, it may be lost, or it may be included into that ever-increasing pile which the owner can’t really access conveniently without memorizing what’s in it.

Another point is that a business card has been increasingly ignored as the primary way to find someone you met 6-months ago. You simply need to try to recall a name – maybe the company name – then go to your favorite online business network site and hope you get lucky. Often you may get lucky but woe are the instances you’re not. Why leave things to chance when there’s technology to help you keep in better – and more updated – touch.

Fixed and limited. These are two words often used to describe information contained in printed business cards. Because these cards are conventionally printed in batches or boxfuls, the information contained can’t be added to or changed. Left unprepared, even the top executive may have to resort to the awkward move of whipping out a business card and scribbling his or her newest mobile phone number or email address because the old cards’ information has become obsolete. Digital business cards are flexible enough for you to create different kinds and there are the good ones that automatically update and get updated.

What most people don’t realize, is that receiving a business card isn’t always a good thing. If you are someone who doesn’t carry a business card in your wallet at all times, it can get awkward when you are given one – it’s like you have nothing to offer in return, hence could be considered unprofessional. Having a digital card in your phone which you have always, gives you a good option of never leaving home without one. Furthermore, when you are the recipient of a printed business card, and you aren’t an awfully organized person to begin with, there’s a decision to be made. Do you put it in your breast pocket, among the pages of your planner, in your wallet, on your desk, in your car, and the list may go on. Then at an extremely inopportune moment, you suddenly need to go through all the places you think you have the person’s card only to spend half a day failing to locate it. Not good right? Simply put, having everything in one place – your phone – eliminates the anxiety.

Business Card

Though the argument can be made that printed business cards are still needed – which may be true – but they are simply not enough. In the age of social media, online and digital methods have become the way that makes sense – what with digital portfolios, personal and business websites, and the many social media identities one has. If you are going to follow up being in touch through email or IMs, why not go digital from day one?

therefore , you can go backward and forward on this topic and end up spending time and money still having a box of printed business cards made, but looking forward, is there really any direction this is going other than digital? Ultimately, what makes the most sense is not to get left behind.

WeCards is here to give you a unique identity , with WeCards App you can create, store and share business card digitally. WeCards is a unique way to represent you or your brand in front of others. Few cool features like you can create multiple cards, crate event, create organization, add social media account, navigate address, browse website etc.s

Download the app now. Available in Apple Store and Google PlayStore.


Breaking in and Standing Out in Networking

The process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and prospects is known as Business Networking. Its purpose is to tell others about your business and later turn it to customers. In the current business climate, networking is a nexus of technology, the consumers, and innovation and YOU! Yes, you, it’s about time to put your heart and mind into it. In short, you have to be in it or you’ll be left behind!

It is important that we meet the following to keep our business network strong and equipped with what’s to happen.

  1. UPDATED – The business should be well informed with the trends and strategy to keep with the competition
  2. GROWTH – There will always be growth if we accept our weaknesses and turn it to strengths. This is also growth in numbers – followers, consumers and partners
  3.  TECHNOLOGY – In the digital era, it is not enough that you just know the basics, rather you must understand it to penetrate the market.

Below are a few things you should consider for your business:

  1. SOCIAL NETWORKING – A business should be socially present online and offline. This is to gain significant followers that may help grow the business.
  2. GREETINGS – Be pleasant and accommodating to everybody. You’ll never know who will be beneficial for your business. So treat everybody well!
  3. COMMUNICATION – An active communication is great for the business. You do not just tell consumers what they want but you also listen to their needs.

To top it all up, a business should be digitally inclined. We do not say to put away the old rather to bridge the gap of old and new. With all the digital advancement coming, building the business will be chaos if not given the right approach. Worry no more, because there is  a mobile application that could help you stay connected.

WeCards, is a digital business card mobile application, that helps you create and share your business card while allowing you to store business cards of your colleagues digitally! You are just a few taps away in growing your network, making invites for an event, organization announcements, social media integration and more services are just a the tip of your fingers! With WeCards, you can stay connected with your network easily.

Download the app now. Available in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

WeCards-Virtual Business Card App


The world is already in the digital era so why shouldn’t we upgrade? Are you a business executive who absolutely loathes storing a number of business cards all the time?

Here is WeCards coming to your rescue!

You have WeCards where you can store digital business cards with you and forget the heavy wallets! Many a time, when you attend loads of conferences and meetings, you often receive many business cards and some of them are actually important to us because they assist in securing crucial business deals.

But when you have too many cards to carry, what can you do? To help you from this solution, WeCards is the best electronic business card app you have there. You can not only store multiple business cards but also transfer the visiting cards virtually. Intriguing, right? WeCards is one of the most useful virtual business card apps where you can transfer your visiting card to anyone and anywhere in the world. With that being the star feature of this app, you also have loads of other features in this visiting card app.

You can also create multiple cards of your own and your organizations! Gone are the days, where you had to carry hundreds of visiting cards of yours in the card case. Similarly you can also add your social media account with your cards.

Some features of this electronic business card app are:

•    Contacts are set in an organized way.

•    Your contact list is not messy and you can quickly find the person whom you want to contact.

•    Simple options and features to call, text or e-mail.

•    Can also navigate to the address in the business card

•     Browse the website without leaving the app.

•    Simple, safe and secure electronic business card app.

•     You get to save trees by cutting out paper production. Also, save time by avoiding for printing bulk cards!

Above all there are some more features like creating events, making your own business cards and joining the events created by others. Overall, this virtual business cards app is a savior to all those professionals who struggle to keep their contact cards or business cards at one place and also to all those who believe in digital business cards storing.

The concept of WeCards is quite interesting, right? Most importantly WeCards is completely free. If you want to download this virtual business card app, then quickly log in to your Google Play Store or App Store to find the WeCards app.

Think digital, think global!

WeCards- Best Digital Business card app

Why the dilemma of printing, circulation and other when you can go tech savvy and take your business to another level with the advanced adaptation. When you are existing in the era of the digital world and you are still bearing the expense of printing the business cards, are you really ready to face the cut-throat competition with old tactics? Switch now to the new you, the digital way to heighten your business with WeCards. It allows you to create, store and share the virtual business card without spending a single penny. So, don’t wait and create your first ever smart business card with WeCards app. The Internet has offered us the widest platform to scale our business and WeCards makes it handier with their digital business cards

WeCards is an instant networking app and it’s completely free.

Why Wecards

WeCards is an app that provides unlimited storage for your business contacts. It is FREE and saves your visiting card printing costs! Download the app now on Apple and Google stores. We aim to go paperless and helping save trees hence digitizing the use of business cards. It’s time for us to make this change and together let’s help Mother Nature by reducing our paper consumption that leads into wastes. Join us now and spread WeCards across the globe. Connect People to Nature. Connect People through WeCards.

Key advantages

  • Create cards for different purposes: You can create your personal card, business card, social card, community card, etc.
  • Manage your contacts: No more messy or duplicate contacts.
  • Always have your digital business card with you – and never run out business cards.
  • Save money, time and environment with a virtual business card.
  •  Auto-updates – when someone updates his/her details, WeCards auto-updates your contacts.
  • Interactive card: You can call or message a number, email, browse a website just by clicking on the particular detail on the card.
  • It enables you to navigate address of your contacts by simply tapping on Address.
  • Link your entire social media account to your cards, and share with anyone. 
  • Create and join events: You can create public or private events and send out invites as well as join events by sharing your card
  • WeCards for Organization – WeCards provides free services for organizations. Create your organization and invite your employees to create their cards, it’s absolutely free.
  • Send and receive cards anytime and from anywhere: You can send and receive cards remotely without the limitation of being physically present


  • Designed & built with your privacy as our top priority, We do not, and will not sell your details to anyone
  • You can choose privacy option from Private, Public and Shareable

Visit our website:  for more!

The Wecards team.